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Hot Legs !!!

Warning! This is the raciest, most adult picture you will ever see on this web site.  Every boys dream is to become a photographer and shoot hot models in swimsuits for Sports Illustrated.  Surely an easy way to meet girls. … Continue reading

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Bountiful Bread

I love bread.  I know, too many carbs.  I hear ya Jeff.  Well this was shot when I didn’t have to worry about things like carbs.  Only whether or not my food assignment was going to get me a good … Continue reading

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I thought I might show you all something a little different from the Mike Meyer Photo Collection.  I have some very nice studio shots that I took back in college when I had access to all kinds of expensive toys.  … Continue reading

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Boardwalk Plaza Hotel

Here’s a little free advertising for the wonderful folks at the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel in Rehoboth Beach, Deleware.  It’s a great place to stay so go book your rooms now.  As for the photograph it’s a good example of mixed … Continue reading

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Empty Boardwalk

Ah, the boardwalk.  Empty?  Well at night in November there aren’t many brave souls who walk up and down the boardwalk.  This wasn’t shot at 2 in the morning it was about 8:00 pm.  Another thing that I love about … Continue reading

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The Revell Effect

So last week my good buddy Jeff Revell made a very small mention on his World Famous Blog about my small humble blog and the cool lightning shots that I had captured.  I guess Jeff has a whole bunch of … Continue reading

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Nighttime at the Beach

I love the beach.  And as strange as it sounds I think I like it even more at night.  It becomes very mysterious and dark and scary.  So when I am at the beach in November it’s dark a lot … Continue reading

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