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Amish Farming

Nothing says farming better than cows.  Mmmmm gotta love that smell.  Well I guess you don’t have to love it, I don’t particulary like it myself.  But when you’re in Amish country I guarantee you will smell it.  These aren’t huge … Continue reading

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Amish Country

If you ever want to take a slow ride through paradise, may I suggest Amish Country in Central Pennsylvania.  This is a beautiful part of our country that is really a step back in time.  I was out driving around … Continue reading

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Snowy Surf

The title of this picture is a little misleading.  You see there wasn’t actually snow on the beach.  As I was looking for a nice photo tonight I saw this one and thought “hey that looks like snow”.  What I … Continue reading

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Twirly Clouds

For all my viewers in Iowa, Kansas or Oklahoma I’m sure you have seen skies like this many times in the Spring and Summer months.  But for folk that live near me in Northern Virginia this is pretty rare.  It’s … Continue reading

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Sun Rays

Now here’s an early shot from my digital days.  So you might be thinking hey,  that’s pretty easy to drop a ray of sunshine coming out of a cloud using Photoshop.  Well you would be right, it would be very … Continue reading

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Ketchikan Panorama

After 6 days of cool, cloudy weather we woke up on our last shore excursion to this beautiful scenery.  This is Ketchikan, Alaska where it is supposedly cloudy most of the time.  You always appreciate the sun or the rain … Continue reading

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Mining Creek

This is the creek where I broke my back for hours  (ok really only 20 minutes) to come up with a few flakes of gold.  Typical Juneau weather: cloudy, misty, 65 degrees. Beautiful !!! This was in July.  We had … Continue reading

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Falls in the Forest

Here’s another shot from Alaska.  I’m not exactly sure which stop on our cruise this was but I saw similar landscapes many times.  Thick, lush, deep green forests on the side of a very steep mountain.  Then there would be … Continue reading

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Twin Falls

Since it’s really rainy here I thought I’d share a few shots of a very rainy part of the country.  Juneau, Alaska.  This was a small park we travelled to, to have a salmon bake. This was pretty much the … Continue reading

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Best Man

This shot really isn’t about photography at all.  I mean the shot is ok. It’s actually kinda funny because Luis looks more nervous than me.  It’s really about friendship.  This was in 1997, 12 years after I left college and … Continue reading

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