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Morning Stroll on the Beach

Doesn’t this look nice?  Wouldn’t you like to go for a nice long walk on the beach at the waters edge barefoot.  I know I would like to do that.  This is from one of my favorite places to hang … Continue reading

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Steamy Lake Sunrise

Here’s another sunrise and steam shot. I like this shot because of it’s subtlety.  It doesn’t jump out and scream at you.  I like the way the sunlight was just illuminating the buoys.  Kinda like the crosses in the Ansel … Continue reading

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Lucky Sunrise

The other day I talked about how to capture beautiful morning light and the inevitable sunrise.  This time I’m going to talk about being lucky.  But I believe that being lucky is;  “being prepared when an opportunity presents itself”.  I’m … Continue reading

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No Sunrise

As promised earlier today I have found a good image for a post.  I headed out to the beach one morning to shoot the sunrise.  I like to get there when it’s just barely light.  That way you can see … Continue reading

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Thanks !!!

Thanks to everyone who commented.  I’ll try to post another picture later today. Gotta go for now. Mike

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Comments Please !!!

Hi everybody. This is a quick no picture post today.  I just have one question. Do you like my pictures?  Well if you do please leave me comments.  I usually answer all comments because I like to see who’s out … Continue reading

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Carnival Ride

I think in my last post I mentioned that, that was the last shot of my night series.  It was except then I found this photo.  This has always be another of my favorites. This was very early in my … Continue reading

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