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Foggy Veendam

Here’s another shot of a weather condition that I love.  Well basically I love all kinds of weather conditions.  This is from my Alaskan Cruise.  We were returning to the ship for the night and the fog was just rising … Continue reading

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Smoky Lava

This picture was actually taken before we saw the rainbow.  Our helicopter ride was from Hilo out to the volcanos and then back over some waterfalls.  Volcanos are so cool, err I mean hot to watch and I’ve seen some … Continue reading

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Hilo Rainbow

Here’s another difficult weather / sky phenomenom to shoot.  Rainbows are just so cool to look at but really hard to capture.  I think part of it is that you usually only see a little bit of the rainbow or … Continue reading

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Moon Shot

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while but I was away at Boy Scout camp with my son last week.  Hot, sticky, buggy, bad water, bad food, what a great time!  It was the same camp I went to 35 … Continue reading

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Hazy Hot and Humid

Yup, summer time in the Washington DC metro area is always hazy, hot and humid.  That’s why I went to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to get this shot.  It was from the deck of the house we were … Continue reading

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White Clouds – Blue Sky

WOW !!! Mike, that’s the most clever title yet!  Well what should it be called?  Since the last two posts dealt with clouds that almost get some color and another that goes crazy with saturated reds and oranges, I thought … Continue reading

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Glowing Sky

In my last post I was talking about how the sky can light up when the clouds fill the air.  Well that night the clouds didn’t really turn into any spectacular colors.  Well this night they did!  This was on … Continue reading

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Dinner Cruise

What a nice dinner cruise.  What a view! And it only cost a couple thousand dollars.  Well it was for a week long Inside Passage, Alaskan cruise.  We would usually eat at the 8:00pm sitting and dinner would last about … Continue reading

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Whispy Mountain Clouds

Here’s a non-icy shot from my Alaskan cruise.  We were in the Inside Passage during dinner one night just enjoying the sunset.  We were passing these mountains when the whispy clouds started to form.  The sunset on the right with … Continue reading

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Back from the Fourth

This image really has nothing to do with the Fourth of July but since I haven’t posted since then I thought it was worth a mention.  So to all my American friends out there, Happy Fourth of July !!! And … Continue reading

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