Steamy Tree

Here’s an oldy but a goody.  I shot this image a few years ago from my kitchen window.  Yup! An another exotic location shot for me.  It was early in the morning and I  was getting some coffee. I looked out the window and saw the most bizarre thing.  My tree looked like it was on fire, like there was smoke coming off it.  I thought to myself what the heck?  I didn’t really care what the specifics were I just thought it was really cool looking.  So I grabbed my camera and took a few shots.

So the way the steam was coming off the tree was this.  It had rained a lot the day before and the tree was thoroughly soaked. Over night it went down below freezing and everything was nice and frosty.  When the sun rose up and finally hit this tree it was warm and started to quickly melt the frost and thus the steam began to rise.

Now I have looked at this image many times over the years but have never liked the results that I got using Photoshop. That is until recently.  I used Camera Raw to try and tweak the image to the way I remember it.  This time I was able to bring down the highlights of the steam and still keep the detail in the bark while enhancing the back ground.  I shot this image in the early days of digital with a Nikon D1x. The Camera Raw controls are so much better now.  I guess my point to all this is go back and take a look at some old images and try processing them with today’s technology.  I think you will pleasantly surprised.

About mikemeyerphotopro

I've been photographing beautiful clouds and skies and landscapes for 35 years. So that's about all you'll see here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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