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Top Gun: The Final Battle

After the F14 leaves the flight deck it dips precariously low and tips to the left as the afterburners strain to give enough power for the pilot and crew to stay out of the water.  The F14 is one of the … Continue reading

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Top Gun

Do you have any friends in the Navy?  If you do I would highly recommend that you beg them to let you go on their next Family Day cruise.  Why?  Because you will be able to see things like this … Continue reading

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   WOW !!! Look at those colors.  How do you get a sky that is that dark blue?  Why are the leaves blurry?  Well the answer lies in one simple thing.  Polarization.  I used a circular polarizing filter on the … Continue reading

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The Grand Finale

So here is what you all have been waiting for.  The culmination of many hours of work and a very steep learning curve.  This was my first Photoshop composition ever and it was created using Version 3.0.  Not CS3…3.0.  So … Continue reading

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Niagra Falls

What a beautiful spot and a beautiful day to do some picture taking.  Or is it picture making?  I guess it depends on your point of view.  I was in Buffalo for a wedding a number of years back so … Continue reading

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Big Fish

  This is one of the biggest fish I have ever caught.  It was on lake anna about ten years ago. It was a five pound beauty that hit so hard I thought I was hung up on some rocks.  … Continue reading

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Fall Colors

It’s that time of year when the woods around here just ignite with color.  They aren’t quite this explosive yet but they are starting to change for sure.  I love it when you get one tree that’s yellow and then … Continue reading

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