Top Gun

Do you have any friends in the Navy?  If you do I would highly recommend that you beg them to let you go on their next Family Day cruise.  Why?  Because you will be able to see things like this if their ship is an aircraft carrier.  This was back in 1987 when my good friend, who I’ve know since the 8th grade, was stationed on the USS Eisenhower.  Myself and two other buddies had to drag ourselves down to Norfolk, VA and get up at 0-dark thirty but man it was worth it.  Can you tell how close we are to this F-14 at the ready?  Take a closer look.

OK so I’m not as close as some of the crew but that’s their job to be up close and personal.  I climbed up on one of my buddies shoulders to be able to shoot above the crowd.  I was using a Canon F1 with a motor drive and a 35-105 zoom lens.  So even zoomed all the way in at 105 is not really that close.  I was shooting Ektachrome 100 so I needed to be able to do some serious skeet shooting when a big bird like this is going by at 150 mile per hour.

How’s that for close.  I don’t know if you’ll be able to read the names on the side of the jet here on the internet but the original slide is tack sharp. The back seat guy was looking right at me cause I was the only one sitting up that high.  In the next two shots he is turning around and still looking.  The pilot of course was paying close attention to his flying.  I left the black border around the image to show you that this is from a scanned slide and not cropped way in.  We were all blown away by how close they let us get.  It was actually pretty scary.  So my advice to you is find someone who is in the Navy and make friends with them immediately.  I’ll have some more shots in the days to come.  And if you’re lucky I’ll show you the pictures from when I was on the USS Mahan and my good friend from 8th grade was Captain of that ship.

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I've been photographing beautiful clouds and skies and landscapes for 35 years. So that's about all you'll see here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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3 Responses to Top Gun

  1. Michele says:

    Wild! I’m currently boring my blog readers with reports from this year’s Barcelona Air Show – Festa al Cel. We had a couple of F-16s, an F-18 and a whole lot of other interesting aircraft show up – it was great. I sat on the beach for the practice and the 2 display days and had a ball.

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