Top Gun: The Final Battle

After the F14 leaves the flight deck it dips precariously low and tips to the left as the afterburners strain to give enough power for the pilot and crew to stay out of the water.  The F14 is one of the biggest fighter jets ever and is very heavy so even when leaving with help from the cat at well over 100mph it still dips a bit.

The next jet up was an A6 Intruder.  They made a movie about this plane also but, Tom Cruise wasn’t in this one. You can see how this plane dips a little too on take off.

The F14 did a lot of passes by the ship.  On this one the pilot seemed to be a little disoriented as he went by.  It was really cool to watch because it was just so graceful even when completely inverted.  I wonder how often the pilots in training get sick before they get used to things like this.

The pass that everyone looks forward to is this shot here.  Yes I know it’s a little bit blurry.  Well the jet was very close which makes your panning even faster.  But the real kicker is the fact that the F14 is going supersonic at about 1200 miles per hour.  You kinda see a dot on the horizon and then it blows by you like nothing else.  Then a second later the sonic boom hits you.  When you hear one in the distance it sounds just like thunder or maybe an explosion if you are closer.  At this distance a sonic boom feels like someone has just punched you in the chest. It is so cool.  So please exuse my 1/1000 sec exposure and weak panning skills.  I only had one shot at this and for a first try I think I did very well.

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I've been photographing beautiful clouds and skies and landscapes for 35 years. So that's about all you'll see here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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