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Hey everyone, how’s it going?  Well for me it’s up early in the darkness. But the other morning I was rewarded with a very pretty sunrise as I looked out the window just before I left for work.  So I … Continue reading

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Image Back Up…

Hello again.       Here’s another no image post, but a post about thousands of images.  And here is a question for you all.  How do you back up your images?  Well I  have a very reliable if a little difficult … Continue reading

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Slacker !!!

WOW!!! Could I be any more of a slacker?  I haven’t posted any pics in a very long time.  Well the truth of the matter is that I was abducted by aliens and have been flying around the galaxy.  I’m … Continue reading

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Air Craft Carrier Air Craft

  A few weeks ago I was able to spend some time on the Aircraft Carrier USS Bush. I went down to Norfolk with our Boy Scout troop and toured a few ships, saw a few of the aircraft and … Continue reading

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Tangled Mess

  This is one Tangled Mess.  But very beautiful. A simple shot from my driveway into my backyard.  I came home one day and the sun was glistening on the wet trees. At first I thought that it was ice … Continue reading

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Happy New Year’s Eve !!!

   I figured that I’d post something now since in a few hours I will be having a wild party at my house with gallons of alcohol being consumed.  Not really. Just a nice quiet night with the family.  We’ll … Continue reading

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High ISO is a Good Thing…

   Hey everybody,  I hope you all are nice and fat from all the Holiday gorgings.  I know I am.  Well today I decided to talk about one of my all time favorite pluses of Digital Cameras.  HIGH ISO.  Didn’t … Continue reading

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