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Whispy Beach Clouds

I have no idea what kind of clouds these are.  I think they are cirrus.  I just like they way they look.  Maybe someday I will learn all the types of clouds that I love to photograph but for right … Continue reading

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Calm Sunset

Can’t you just picture yourself sitting on the beach sipping a margarita here?  This is actually from the tenth floor of our hotel which makes the beach look even calmer.  I love this time of day when the sun has … Continue reading

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High Noon

Here’s another panorama from my trip to the beach a few weeks back.  This is on the boardwalk at Ocean City, Maryland.  It’s near First St where there is usually thousands of people walking around.  But there it was High … Continue reading

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Big Wide Panorama

     I’m hoping that everyone is able to click on this and get a larger copy. It should work.  Anyway I was in Ocean City, Maryland for Halloween weekend and stayed at the Holiday Inn on 17th street.  It’s the … Continue reading

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High ISO Rant !!!

     Have you seen some of these new Nikon and Canon cameras with the crazy high ISO settings. Over 100,000.  That’s just crazy.  Back in the old days sonny, when we shot film, 400 speed film was considered fast.  Tri-X … Continue reading

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Fall Leaves

Sorry I haven’t posted anything but “there was this thing. and I’m late because of it”  Gib from The Sure Thing.    So for your viewing pleasure I’ve decided to post a bunch of pictures I took about a week ago … Continue reading

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