Big Wide Panorama

     I’m hoping that everyone is able to click on this and get a larger copy. It should work.  Anyway I was in Ocean City, Maryland for Halloween weekend and stayed at the Holiday Inn on 17th street.  It’s the really tall white and blue hotel in the middle. It’s a very nice hotel.  We stayed there last summer and now that I have been there in another season I can highly recommend it.  But what this picture is all about is the lack of people on the beach.  I think this was on October 31 but look at the weather here.  It was 65 degrees and just beautiful.  I did not use a polarizer on this shot.  Didn’t really need it because the sky was so blue anyway.  It is a six shot pano.  No HDR or Stacking though.  That would have added 69 shots and I wasn’t up to it.  Besides with the beach so empty I didn’t need to do any stacking to eliminate people.  And the scene didn’t call for HDR.  So once again my advice to you is to go to the beach anytime but summer and you will get some fantastic shots.  I will try to post the Pano I did of the boardwalk at high-noon with no people on it.

    I am also very surprised that no one commented about my High ISO rant.  I know it was kinda short but still it was so controversial.  Come on people isn’t there anyone out there that disagrees.  I must just be really smart, cool !

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I've been photographing beautiful clouds and skies and landscapes for 35 years. So that's about all you'll see here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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2 Responses to Big Wide Panorama

  1. Michele says:

    Nice! Did you put the pano together in Photoshop? I’ve just recently seriously started shooting panos, and now always shoot vertical as it gives a bigger image with more height rather than the long, narrow image that occurs when taking horizontal images. It is fun, and certainly with panorama-stitching software the challenge and stresses to get seamless joins have been reduced.

    • Yes I did use Photoshop to stitch the pano. It is so easy in Photoshop that there is no exuse not to. You can be really sloppy and get a decent one or do a little planning and be careful and the pano will turn out perfect first try. Now if you want to get a little crazy try to do a HDR – Pano.
      Yes I do agree that an images needs some black somewhere unless maybe it was a foggy day on the moors.

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