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Super Moon

   So did you see it?  The moon?  The SUPER MOON!!!   This past weekend there was a full moon on Saturday.  So I made plans to travel to the beach to try and get a nice shot of the moon … Continue reading

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   Here’s a picture I took in Shenandoah National Park many moons ago. I think it was 1989.  A lovely little set of waterfalls along a trail.  After looking at this image for a while it got me to thinking:  … Continue reading

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No pics Today :(

Sorry for the lack of posting lately.  I been very busy with regular life stuff.  I am planning a trip in the near future to try and take some awesome photos.  Hopefully the weather cooperates for me.  I won’t tell … Continue reading

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Black and White at Night

Keeping with the theme of B&W photos I thought I would look for some more of my favorite B&W shots.  This was looking across our pool at my college towards the student center.  I went to the Florida Institute of … Continue reading

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Storm Front Coming…

Several years ago I was in Chincoteague, Virginia with my family.  During our seven day stay there we had six nights of terrific storms roll through.  The fronts of the storms were so well distinguished that it was as if … Continue reading

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HDR Boat

Hi folks, sorry I have been so delinquent with my blogging lately.  Been really busy with holiday preparations.  Also I have been trying a bunch of different ways to scan my old slides to use them for HDR and to … Continue reading

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Calm Sunset

Can’t you just picture yourself sitting on the beach sipping a margarita here?  This is actually from the tenth floor of our hotel which makes the beach look even calmer.  I love this time of day when the sun has … Continue reading

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High Noon

Here’s another panorama from my trip to the beach a few weeks back.  This is on the boardwalk at Ocean City, Maryland.  It’s near First St where there is usually thousands of people walking around.  But there it was High … Continue reading

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Big Wide Panorama

     I’m hoping that everyone is able to click on this and get a larger copy. It should work.  Anyway I was in Ocean City, Maryland for Halloween weekend and stayed at the Holiday Inn on 17th street.  It’s the … Continue reading

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Top Gun: The Final Battle

After the F14 leaves the flight deck it dips precariously low and tips to the left as the afterburners strain to give enough power for the pilot and crew to stay out of the water.  The F14 is one of the … Continue reading

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