High ISO is a Good Thing…

   Hey everybody,  I hope you all are nice and fat from all the Holiday gorgings.  I know I am.  Well today I decided to talk about one of my all time favorite pluses of Digital Cameras.  HIGH ISO.  Didn’t it used to be called ASA?  I think so.  Anyhow back in the days of film you would have to change to a different roll of film if the light changed enough to effect your needed exposures.  But today you simply put your camera on Automatic ISO or change it manually.  I prefer to change it manually so I can control how much grain shows up in my pictures.  Nothing worse than getting a grainy image and wondering why your aperture was at f32.

   So back in November I was in Disney World with my Canon Rebel T2i.  Now usually I don’t care what your camera settings are or what kind of camera you have but in this case the type of sensor you have is very important. Since some cameras work better at higher ISOs than others. Well during this trip I found out exactly how good my little Canon really is.  There were many rides in the parks that were very dark and your little point and shoot would have left you with either extremely grainy or very dark pictures or both. So what I did was set my ISO to 6400 and and slow shutter speed, usually a  1/30th and do a lot of panning as I rode through the different rides. As you can see from my three examples here, I got some great shots.  The one of Epcot was set at 1600 but the other two were 6400 and they were all hand held.

   This is one area in new cameras that is just going to get better and better.  I  think the megapixel wars are over because nobody wants or needs to store 100 megabyte images and they tend to really slow things down unless you have the newest fastest computer of the day.  Canon’s new 1 Dx can push it’s ISO up to 204,000.  That’s like having a night vision scope attached to your camera. It’s crazy. What would the high water mark be if it was razor sharp and grain free at that setting? One million? Unbelievable!!!

   The other thing that camera manufacturers will most certainly work on is the dynamic range of the sensors.  I  also think that soon HDR will be a thing of the past because the sensors will already have 32 or 64 or 128 bit depths.  ISO 102,000, 64bit and 100 megapixel.  All in a 35mm body.  Ansel would be drooling at that prospect and probably testing the prototype.

So without any further delays, here are three pics that show how good the Canon Rebel T2i’s sensor is.  So go ahead and Crank it Up!!!

Epcot Center ISO 1600

Lion King Show ISO 6400Universe of Energy ride ISO 6400

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I've been photographing beautiful clouds and skies and landscapes for 35 years. So that's about all you'll see here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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