The Price of Toys

This isn’t a post about clouds or water or lightning or really anything to do with photography.  Just a silly post Christmas blog that I thought would make you smile.  There’s an old saying: The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.  Well that is absolutely true.  Boys don’t ever grow up they just make more money and ask for bigger toys for Christmas.  Usually when my wife says “what do you want for Christmas?”, I come back with something crazy.  A 427SC Cobra is always high on the priority list. Has been for thirty years. Of course She doesn’t have half a million burning a hole in her pocket to buy me one of those.  But an iPad, new computer or Canon 8-15mm f:4 lens were on the short list this year.  They are all pretty pricey and I figured I would buy them for myself as the year went on and the budget allowed.  Then one night I was glancing at the Lego catalogue my son gets and she points to it and says: “Is there anything in there you want. I have a ten percent off coupon and online has free shipping”  So I say sure and open it to the back page which has one of the coolest, largest, most complex, 25 mini-figure sets ever offered.  I had drooled over this thing ever since it came out. Now I don’t care who you are, Legos have got to be one of the best toys ever invented and everyone, yes even you, loves to build things with Legos.  So imagine my shock and horror when I open my largest present and below was inside.

The shock comes from the fact that OMG I can’t believe she actually bought it for me.  When I was moving the present around on Christmas eve I couldn’t imagine what was so heavy in the box.  It weights around thirty pounds.  I thought it had to be a portable- cordless tool set.  Either that or maybe a new desktop computer since we just bought a new monitor for our eight year old system. But Nooooooo, what a surprise.

   The horror comes from the reality of putting this thing together.  I worked on it for four hours Christmas day and only got the mini-figures and the base completed.  I think I was working pretty fast too.  So I must have at least 10,000 more hours to go since it has over 3800 pieces.  3803 to be exact.  So you are probably saying, “Well why don’t you let your son help you so it will go faster?”.  Heck no, no way, not gonna happen… It’s my toy.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas !!!


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I've been photographing beautiful clouds and skies and landscapes for 30 years. So that's about all you'll see here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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One Response to The Price of Toys

  1. Michele says:

    Ha – what a great present, and I’m sure that my 5 year old Lego-freak nephew would have completed it by now! ;.)

    We grew up with Lego – no kits like nowadays – they were all big boxes of bits and we created our own stuff. My father even built a Lego model of the house that we were building, just to prove to the architect that it could be done!

    Have fun, Mike, and Happy 2011!

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