Crazy Color Temperatures

   Well maybe it’s not so crazy but you gotta love yellow and blue snow in the same shot.  This picture was from a long time ago but since it’s so dang cold outside right now I was looking for a nice snow shot to post.  Now for some of you out there you may never have heard of color temperature or maybe you’re not sure what it means.  Well basically all light has a color temperature associated with it. The lower the temp the more yellow or warm it is.  The higher the number the more blue or cool it is. Which is actually kinda backwards but this article is too short to go into all the details of the Kelvin temperatur scale. Check out Wikipedia for the full details.

   When objects are in the shadows they will photograph blue.  When they are in the sunlight they will be more yellow.  That’s how I got the two different colors of snow in this shot.  This is easy to adjust in Photoshop but going to far will make your image look unnatural. So when you make your color correction go easy and things will be ok.  For instance in this image I could have gone to Color Balance and adjusted the Shadows by taking the yellow / blue slider to the left,  and doing the opposite with the highlight slider.  But then my picture would look more monochrome. And I’m not Ansel Adams. I’m a color guy.

   So my advice to you is to set your camera’s White Balance setting for Daylight when shooting out side and let the colors go wild.  If you need extreme color accuracy then change the settings to match your situation and use a grey card. But then you won’t get Crazy Color Temperatures.

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I've been photographing beautiful clouds and skies and landscapes for 35 years. So that's about all you'll see here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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