From my deck…

   Sorry for the long delay in posting.  Thanks to all my loyal readers who kept checking in everyday to see if I was still alive.  Well I am!  Last night we had some really wicked weather roll through the Washington Metro area.  This morning it was drizzly and 65 degrees, beautiful!  By lunch time it was back down to a normal 45 degrees and it should be freezing overnight.  This picture could have been taken yesterday afternoon but wasn’t.  It was from a year ago when some other wild weather went by around sunset.  People always ask me, ” holy cow, where were you when you took that picture, when was that!?”  Well to be perfectly honest I have never been to any place too exotic.  And scenes like this play out almost any day that there are clouds in the sky.

Now this unique cloud formation does not happen eveyday but, colors like these are not that uncommon.  Why don’t you see these colors?  Well it’s because everyone is out rushing around. Driving to work, talking on their cell phones or in a location that is down low or behind a hill or some trees.  If you are up a little bit higher and have a clear view of the horizon, that is when you can see colors and great clouds the easiest.  That’s another reason why I love the beach so much.

As you can see in this picture there are some trees to the right of the scene and a house to the left.  This is about the only clear angle I have from my deck which looks due south.  I was lucky that the good clouds were in the opening between these two objects.  Now you might notice that the colors are a little bit different in the pictures and that is because the sky was changing very rapidly as the sun was going down.  I got about ten minutes of shooting in before everything went to grey.  I took about fifteen shots as the colors and shapes changed.  So here’s my tip for the week. While you can, keep your eyes to the sky around sunrise and sunset.  Don’t always look right towards the sun either time because sometimes the best colors are on the opposite side.   Happy hunting 🙂

About mikemeyerphotopro

I've been photographing beautiful clouds and skies and landscapes for 35 years. So that's about all you'll see here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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3 Responses to From my deck…

  1. Michele says:

    Awesome colours and layers!

    Like you, most of my cloud shots are taken from our balcony in Barcelona. The cloud formations that we get here are amazing.

  2. Dana Moos says:

    WOW, Mike, those are gorgeous clouds! and the colors, that was natural??

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