Best Friend in B&W

Did you ever meet someone and immediately become best friends.  I have.  This is one of my only good black and white shots and only one of a handful of portraits that I have ever taken.  Remember a while back I said that I wasn’t very good with black and white. Well I love this one.  I shot it as an environmental portrait using a 4×5 view camera and Plus-x film and a single light source.  Now that’s old school baby.

     So about halfway through my first year of college at the start of a new quarter I’m sitting in my dorm room just relaxing with some music. Not very loud which was rare for me.  When all of a sudden this new guy pops his head in the door and says, “Are you Mike? Hi, I’m Luis.  I noticed you’ve gotta a killer stereo, I’ve got a bunch of albums.  Maybe we could make some best-of-tapes.”  That’s how it all started.  He was my best friend in college for the next year and a half until I left.  Funny how we just connected because he had different tastes in music from me.  He liked Zeppelin and Rush and I was more on the Pat Benatar and Steve Miller side of rock.  Soon I was a fan of his music and he of mine.  We just got along.  We became roomates for two quarters and those were so much fun it’s amazing we got any work done.  The only thing we didn’t have in common was the love of chemistry.  We were both in the same chem 111 class.  After my first test score came back and I only had a 17 on it (probably for spelling my name right) I decided to drop that class and never take another.  Luis on the other hand loved the class.  He did really well.  So well in fact that he changed his major to chemistry.  Then he got his Masters and then his PHD and he had gotten that far so he figured heck, might as well work on a Post Doctorate.  Got that too!!!  So now he’s The chem god for the University of Reno.  Well, I am still an ok photographer.  I have a few more pictures of my best friend that I will share in the week to come.  It’s amazing that we first met 26 years ago.  Man I’m getting old 🙂

About mikemeyerphotopro

I've been photographing beautiful clouds and skies and landscapes for 35 years. So that's about all you'll see here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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