Moon Shot

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while but I was away at Boy Scout camp with my son last week.  Hot, sticky, buggy, bad water, bad food, what a great time!  It was the same camp I went to 35 years ago.  Yeh, I’m kinda old.  Anyway the moon was rising after the closing ceremony one night and was almost full so I took a few shots.  Not quite full though until last night.  But my new camera only has a 85mm lens on it which leaves the moon as just a small dot.  The shot I took above was a long time ago with my Canon AE1.  I believe it was ASA 200 speed film.  I used a 500mm mirror reflex lens and TWO 2x tele-converters for a total of 2000mm.  That gave me the almost full frame you see here.  That was the easy part.  I had to line up the camera in the same arc as the moon because as soon as it was framed it was moving out of the frame. It took me several rolls of film to get the right combination on shutter speed and lack of graininess.  First I started with Kodachrome 25 but my exposures were so slow that they were all blurry. I didn’t have a heavy duty tripod so I needed a faster shutter speed to eliminate the shaking fast enough before the moon moved out of the frame. The lens was a fixed aperature of F8 but with the extenders it was equivalent to a F32.  So F32 at 1/125 of a second and you need about ASA 200. Today with digital that quick preview and histogram check sure makes the exposure part easy.

Finally I want to thank all my loyal fans out there who kept checking back every day to see if I had anything new last week. I’ll be posting more regularly this week.  See ya later.


About mikemeyerphotopro

I've been photographing beautiful clouds and skies and landscapes for 30 years. So that's about all you'll see here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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