Glowing Sky

In my last post I was talking about how the sky can light up when the clouds fill the air.  Well that night the clouds didn’t really turn into any spectacular colors.  Well this night they did!  This was on Lake Anna in Virginia.  The sun was going down as I was out cruising in my boat.  It looked very promising as the sun was going down so I stopped the boat just to watch.  The clouds have to been in just the right position with the horizon and the stars have to line up just right, but when they do the entire sky will glow brilliantly.  I don’t remember what kind of exposure this was but I’m sure it was fairly slow.  Being in a boat didn’t help either even though the water was calm.  You have to remember that this was way before image stabilizing lenses and high ISO settings that aren’t grainy.  This was back in the day sonny, when real men shot in manual mode cause that’s all we had and we liked it!  Anyway I hope you enjoy this picture.  Better yet go out tomorrow night and look for a sunset like this yourself and use your new fangled technolgy and shoot at f16 @500 sec and ISO 6400 with your Nikon D3. Sissies!!!

About mikemeyerphotopro

I've been photographing beautiful clouds and skies and landscapes for 35 years. So that's about all you'll see here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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1 Response to Glowing Sky

  1. Logan Miller says:

    Beautiful sunset image, Mike!

    Sounds like you’re throwing the gauntlet down! 😉

    We are certainly spoiled by technology today, aren’t we?

    Thanks for sharing!


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