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Rays of Sunrise

Rays of hope. I am sure many sailors love to see this after a bad storm at night.  Of course I don’t sail I only cruise, on really big ships.  This was taken on the beach near my school in … Continue reading

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Incoming Storm

I chose this picture today because this is how I’ve been feeling lately.  A little blue, a little gloomy.  Like an Incoming Storm is about to hit.  This was taken from the same vantage point as Lake Sunset only looking … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Waves

The one thing I noticed right away while cruising around Hawaii was that the water looked so blue.  When I was cruising the Inside Passage of Alaska the water looked more of a dark green.  I’m not sure what the … Continue reading

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Sunset Rays

No funny story here about crazy chickens or unusual oily clouds.  Just a very pretty sunset with the sunrays streaming throught the clouds.  This was as we were cruising around the islands one evening.  I think we were on our … Continue reading

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Oily Clouds

While I was searching for another shot from Hawaii I came across this one.  What the heck is an oily cloud?  Cumuloilous Nimboilus.  It’s very rare and this particular species is only seen in one place on earth.  In Pearl … Continue reading

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The Crazy Chicken

Remember yesterday when I said that there were chickens running all over Waimea Canyon?  Well here’s the reason why I couldn’t find a shot of one.  They blend in so well with the red dirt.  Which by the way has … Continue reading

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Grand Canyon

Did you know that Hawaii has it’s own grand canyon?  It’s called Waimea Canyon and it’s on the island of Kauai.  This was another destination for us on our cruise.  It’s not as big as the canyon on the Mainland … Continue reading

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Jagged Cliffs

One of my favorite parts of a cruise is just sitting on the veranda and watching the scenery go by.  With a nice drink and some appetizers, I’m a very happy camper.  These cliffs were in Hawaii.  Sorry I can’t … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Sunset

Have you ever taken a cruise?  Well if you have you know that everyday ends with a beautiful sunset like this one.  Unless you are cruising the Inside Passage in Alaska, and then it’s usually cloudy.  Still beautiful and highly … Continue reading

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The Kelby Effect

I don’t have a pretty picture for today.  Instead I thought I would show you what happens to your blog stats when you get a mention on Scott Kelby’s blog. I was almost down to zero the day before and … Continue reading

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